Wilderness Weekend 30th September – 02nd October 2016

Doing ordinary things in an extraordinary way

It’s Friday, but this weekend there is no need to think about the hassles of putting your tent up, or doing a test. So we are all very relaxed, sitting around the campfire, enjoying food, drinks and good stories.

Tents will be replaced by night watch duties, check for hippos, snakes, humans and leopards- not necessarily in that order, and shout for Machiel if you are in trouble.

n_m11_01_frinightFriday Night

We all make it safely through to Saturday morning, and this time instead of listening to lectures, we all head straight off into the veld – in order to practice our guiding skills, endeavouring to interpret the situation based on everything around us: soil, grass, trees, animal droppings, tracks, skeletons,… all with some helpful guidance from the Honorary Officers.


Saturday Morning

And then on to an afternoon of …….relaxing and game viewing.

n_m11_03_sataftnSaturday Afternoon

Then suddenly it’s time for the serious business of the weekend: The Cooking Competition. The campsite is a hive of frenzied activity with team formations, meal preparations, judge manipulations, frenetic cooking… and delicious results.

Whilst the judges couldn’t agree on a clear winner, you really need to pay special attention to the Rocky Slopes table and dish shown below

n_m11_04_satnight1n_m11_04_satnight2Saturday Night

Sunday started with the usual Bushveld predicament (in my opinion) of ‘getting up way too early’. But it must be admitted, that experiencing the ‘waking of the wilderness’ made it completely worthwhile.

n_m11_04_sunmornSunday Morning

Editors Note – Big thanks to student Helena Bergé for providing us wih her version of – Doing ordinary things in an extraordinary way.

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