Occupational Care Weekend – 18 – 20 August 2017

A rather poor attendance due to the service protests being held between Mooinooi and Brits.  This also led to some of us taking 4 hours to reach our destination, which would normally have taken about an hour.  The 8 stalwarts were really glad – once we were there.

CPR being carried out on babies – gently enough not to damage their little bodies.

CPR on adults – while singing along to the Bee Gees tune, “Staying Alive”, to help keep the correct rhythm, was performed by everyone until they got the hang of it.

Our brilliant Lecturer – Dave Nel, kept us interested with his vast knowledge and great enthusiasm.

I believe this type of bandage is called the “mother-in-law”.  Many young medics in training

Everyone had a turn practising the various bandage types. So we should all be quite competent if we are ever needed in an emergency

Brian’s group was on clean up this weekend, but seeing as he was the only one in his group…..well he did a sterling job J

The weekend was a very informative and important one, just proving that by doing a few basic things, we can indeed save lives.  Thank you to everyone for contributing.

ED’s Note: Real pity about the unfortunate events, which resulted in such a low turnout, as this is a “must” module. But many thanks to Rose for the report and many pictures.

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