First Aid Weekend 01 – 03 June 2018

The First Aid weekend had a lot of information to go through and only two days to do it in. As there was no test for the Friday evening, we immediately jumped in to get started with the course material.

Unlike the other weekends, the First Aid weekend had less bush time and was more classroom-focused. We started off with First Aid and the law, thereafter focused on safety (of yourself as first aider and the safety of the person you are aiding). We moved through the theory on Saturday, and even lunch was brief as we had a lot of material to go through.

Dave Nel, who led the First Aid course, used practical examples when going through the theory to help us understand and see first aid as we would in our everyday lives.

On Sunday morning we completed all the theory, and after that our bandaging and CPR skills were assessed.

Ed’s Note: Thanks for the update Tanya, Looks like that CPR dummy got quite a workout

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