First Aid Weekend 5 to 7 July 2019 – Antoinette

First Aid is emergency care given immediately to an injured person. The purpose of first aid is to minimise injury and future disability. In serious cases, first aid may be necessary to keep the injured person alive.

Our First Aid lecture started on Friday evening in the Pilanesberg Education Centre, straight after we wrote our test on Arthropods.

Dave Nel was the instructor for this module and there certainly was a lot of theory and practical work to cover during the weekend.

As part of the Bushveld Mosaic environmental course includes field guide practices, we also had to become familiar with different types of venom and how to treat patients who have been bitten by snakes and spiders or stung by scorpions.

Although this weekend’s module was very different from our other modules, First Aid is such a valuable skill to have and should be learned by everyone. You never know when you will be in a situation where you could help someone or even save a life.

It was another cold weekend, but camping in the bush is always a treat. Once the lectures were done for the day, we could relax and catch up with each other around the campfire.

ED’s Note: Many thanks to student Antoinette for taking the time to compile this write-up on the First Aid module which is a very intensive weekend.

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