Go Big Or Go Home.

We have all heard the saying “GO BIG OR GO HOME” in one context or another and recently I witnessed it in practise with the publication of the class of 2019 photo book.

This is the story of this mammoth project in Andrè Harmse, the author, editor, photographer etc’s. , own words.

If you go onto a number of the photo book printing sites it soon becomes obvious that the average photo book is between 20 and 40 pages with somewhere between 50 and 100 images.

But Andrè proved them wrong, there are 142 pages of memories of the year.

Below is an example of just four of these pages, the front and back cover, one that illustrates Andrè abilities and dedication, when he captured the night sky on the wilderness weekend, and one that has a candid pic of the editor doing what he did for a lot of the year (BTW I hasten to add that Andrè did pass 🙂 )

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