History of Course

The current Bushveld Mosaic course was developed in 1995 by Honorary Officer, Prof. Peter Fripp (Zoologist at Medunsa) in conjunction with requirements prescribed by the North West Parks & Tourism Board (NWP&TB).

Bushveld Mosaic Environmental Course has further developed and enhanced the course in conjunction with North West Parks, the Field Guide Association of South Africa (FGASA) syllabus and assessments criteria, as well as changing industry standards requirements set by the Tourism, Hospitality, Sport Education & Training Authority (THETA).

Although Bushveld Mosaic course consists of a different module each month, the entire course programme is structured around ecological principles that build upon each other.

Our students are encouraged to assimilate and integrate what they have learned in one module with what has been learned in the previous modules, in order to develop a holistic view of the environmental conservation picture.

Honorary Officers

Bushveld Mosaic Environmental Course is managed by Honorary Officers who are members of the North West Parks & Tourism Board Honorary Officer Association.

The Honorary Officers began volunteering for the North West Parks & Tourism Board (NWP&TB) in the late 1980’s under the auspice of the Friends of Pilanesberg Society (FoPS).  During the early years of their association with North West Parks, Honorary Officers were involved with Visitor Management duties at Pilanesberg and Borakalalo National Parks as well as Rustenburg Nature Reserve (now called Kgaswane Mountain Reserve).

Duties at National Parks

Currently, the Association’s members volunteer duty over weekends at Pilanesberg and Borakalalo National Parks, Kgaswane Mountain Reserve and also specialist duties at Madikwe Game Reserve, Barberspan, Mafikeng and Botsalano Reserves when needed.

The Training Team of Honorary Officers is dedicated to the Education division within the Association.  These Officers liaise with the course lecturers to maintain the quality of tuition as well as managing the coordination of the course modules.

Throughout the year the Honorary Officers are available to mentor all students that require support in their course studies.  Individual progress assessments are ongoing throughout the course duration.

About Bushveld Mosaic

Do you spend time away in the bushveld wishing that you knew more about the birds, mammals and other creatures that live in the various habitats you visit?

Are you passionate about conserving the natural and unspoilt environments around you?

Do you want to make informed decisions concerning the protection of threatened habitats and species?

Come with us on a journey of exploration whilst learning about the many facets of the natural world.

Bushveld Mosaic Environmental Course is a one-year part-time programme of discovery and gaining knowledge, spent with people who have similar interests about the environment.  Participate in our Field Guide Training.

Community Outreach

Bushveld Mosaic’s annual Community Outreach programme that is aimed at rural school Conservation Clubs in the North West Province is coordinated and managed by the Honorary Officers