Subject       Lecturer 
Taxonomy Ulrich Oberprieler
Ecology Ulrich Oberprieler
Grasses Prof Mary Scholes
Trees Prof Leslie Brown
Catchments, Rivers & Wetlands      Honorary Officer Training Team
Veld Management Dr. Bob Scholes
African Antelope and mammals Ulrich Oberprieler
Geology & Geomorphology Dr. Paul Nex
Prof Judith Kinnaird
First Aid SA First Aid League - Level 1 -   Department of Labour Certified
Insects and other Arthropods Prof Erik Holm
Invertebrates (Practical session) Honorary Officer Training Team
Amphibians Honorary Officer Training Team
Reptiles Honorary Officer Training Team
First Aid Level 1
ArchaeologyFrancoise Coetzee and Shaw Badenhorst
Climate & Astronomy Honorary Officer Training Team
Field Guiding and WildernessBennet de Klerk (Motsumi) and Honorary Officer Training Team
BrdsUlrich Oberprieler
Conservation and Tourism in North West Parks Honorary Officer Training Team

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