Grasses Weekend 17 – 19th February 2023 Kgaswane

We were supposed to go to Borakalalo for the module on grasses, but due the heavy rain and the chance of flooding at our usual campsite, our weekend was moved to Kgaswane. We arrived on Friday afternoon to a beautiful destination. Kgaswane nature reserve is truly a hidden gem.  The rain had subsided, and weRead more ⟶

Taxonomy and Ecology 27 – 29 January 2023

If a mosaic is defined as a pattern produced by arranging small pieces of stone, then I believe I have been placed in the most vibrant of all mosaics! We are different people from different walks of life, all arranged together for a year to gain a deeper understanding of the complex and exciting mosaicRead more ⟶

Arthropods Practical: Kgaswane (11-13 Nov 2022)

Report by Tracey Andrews, photographs by André Harmse As I live in Rustenburg, I was really looking forward to our last Bushveld Mosaic weekend at Kgaswane, where I could show off all the hidden gems of this beautiful mountain reserve. Our last Bushveld Mosaic “Wetland” weekend at Kgaswane was challenging due to the heavy rainRead more ⟶

Birds Practical: Pilanesberg (14-16 October 2022)

Weekend report by Maeva Louis Dewas The birding weekend usually takes place at Borakalalo, but for the second time, the excessive water at Fish Eagle Camp forced us to change our plans and instead meet at the Pilanesberg National Park. Arriving at the Manyane campsite, we were surprised to find out that we were onlyRead more ⟶

Communication Practical Weekend: Pilanesberg (16-18 September 2022)

Weekend Report by Darren Oosthuizen They Came, They Saw, They Learned, We Succeeded! This is it, the Communication Practical weekend. The weekend we had heard stories about. The weekend where almost all the Bushveld Mosaic students were unsure of what to expect and appeared to be stressed to a level they had not yet experiencedRead more ⟶

Archaeology Weekend: Pilanesberg (26-28 August 2022)

Web report and photographs by Waldemar Wellmann The archaeology weekend was held at Pilanesberg, with the now-familiar Potokwane camp as our base. On Friday evening, the usual task of writing a test had to be completed before we could relax and enjoy the rest of the weekend. Coming towards the end of Winter, Saturday morningRead more ⟶

First Aid Weekend: Pilanesberg (22-24 July 2022)

Edited text by Tebogo Dhlamini, photos by Ronnie Henderson For this weekend, from 22-24 July 2022, we were doing our First Aid training at Pilanesberg, where we camped in the official section of the Manyane camp site. The Manyane camp site is not the one we normally use in the Park, but it is alsoRead more ⟶

Geology Weekend: Borakalalo (10- 12 June 2022)

Weekend report by Darian de Bruin The geology weekend has always been known for being one of the coldest weekends we will experience this year, and so far, it is living up to its reputation. Arriving at Fish Eagle camp on Friday afternoon, the atmosphere was stressed and different to the usual atmosphere as weRead more ⟶

Mammal Behaviour weekend: Pilanesberg (20-22 May 2022)

Report by Jacek Zawada, photographs by Megan Griffiths. We all seemed to arrive a bit late at Pilanesberg for our Veld Management test and mammal behaviour practical. This was mostly attributed to the earlier gate times, due to the earlier sunset. The lateness was also attributed to the pouring rain that seemed to hit everyoneRead more ⟶