Geology weekend (1). 15- 17 June 2018.

What an absolute privilege and pleasure it was to be able to attend the lectures by Professor Judith Kinnaird, of The Geosciences School at Wits University this past weekend in the Borakalalo National Park boardroom. Such a stimulating and interesting presentation inspired us all to participate with avid attention. In addition, a large practical componentRead more ⟶

First Aid Weekend 01 – 03 June 2018

The First Aid weekend had a lot of information to go through and only two days to do it in. As there was no test for the Friday evening, we immediately jumped in to get started with the course material. Unlike the other weekends, the First Aid weekend had less bush time and was moreRead more ⟶

Veld Management Weekend 20 – 22 May 2018

Friday 20.05.2018 Friday night started off as most our other Fridays do. People met at the camp in Pilanesberg, where we briefly got to meet Bob Scholes, our lecturer for Veld Management. While we headed back to the Ed centre to write the mammals test, Bob started the fire back at the camp. Saturday 21.05.2018Read more ⟶

Mammals Weekend 20 – 22 April 2018

Friday 20.04.2018 May always signals early nights and bright stars, meaning winter is around the corner. We arrived at the Ed Centre at Pilanesberg at the usual time, but this weekend we greeted each other in the dark. Unlike the weather around us hinting at cold nights coming, a warm family feeling arose when weRead more ⟶

Wetlands Weekend 06 – 08 April 2018

The Wetlands weekend started out slightly differently from our other weekends, as there was no exam on Friday night, it was arranged that we would only start early Saturday morning. We spent the weekend in Kgaswane, a nature reserve just outside Rustenburg. Kgaswane is a great example of a catchment, and the view from theRead more ⟶

Grasses Weekend 16th – 18th March 2018

With high expectations (set by our previous lecturers) and a promise that we were in for a treat, we started the weekend with a childlike excitement and a hunger for knowledge. Friday: 16.03.2018 The weekend started off with a shock for some, and joy for others as the tests for the first module were givenRead more ⟶

Trees Weekend 9th – 11th February 2018.

Excited to be back in nature, away from our fast-paced lives, and with a group of like-minded people, we tackled the weekend with anticipation and bright eyes! It seemed that the group already started to form a bond that will only get stronger as we move through the year. Friday: 09.02.2018 We were all nervousRead more ⟶