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Your Link To Premier Nature Parks in The North West

Our 12-month course is designed for nature enthusiasts seeking a comprehensive, meaningful understanding of the ecological principles underpinning Conservation and Tourism in the North West’s Natural Parks.

Join one of SA’s most loved conservation courses and gain unparalleled access to parks in the North West.

a life changing experience (Peter, 2019)

I will promote Bushveld Mosaic at every opportunity. It was a life changing experience for me.

Exposed to nature

Jeannette (2018)

Having been exposed to nature my whole life, the course added an extra depth of appreciation for the world around me. I notice and understand so much more while out in the bush.

truly unique….

Jemmé (2019)

Thanks to the wonderful team of facilitators for guiding us and hosting this weekend. It is clearly evident that the knowledge and experience that one gets at Bushveld Mosaic is truly unique and well worth it!

How many people know about this jewel?

Anton (2015)

I started the course to get a better insight, and learn more about the interactions of different aspects of the bush. Was I in for a surprise!!! The course content is certainly sufficient to spark a desire to learn more about things we take for granted, like grasses.

My first thought when I drove into Kgaswane for our initial weekend, and looked over the valley between the mountains was, “I wonder how many people know about this jewel?”

You learn something new all the time, and to have world-class lecturers like Ulrich Oberprieler, Mary Scholes and Leslie Brown is a privilege in itself. I just wish I had done this course fifteen years ago, because I have that much knowledge to try and catch up on!